2013 prep

2012 was really great.  I had 2 solo exhibitions plus a show at the Boras Museum in Sweden. I took a trip to Stockholm for a giant 12 meter mural and a trip to West Bank in the middle east for a 5 meter mural on the wall in Bethlehem. I was honored to add a permanent mural in Boras city and had the pleasure to give a keynote at Tedx Goteborg.
Now I am focusing on 2013.  Next year will be even bigger. A lot of great things are in store and atleast 2 solo shows are already in the works for both Spring and Autum of 2013 as well as currently nailing down a mural in a neighboring country to Sweden.

With that said, here are some photos from the studio where I have been busy starting work for next year because if 2012 was has taught me anything, its that I should be prepared because projects can pop up at any moment and force me to lose lots of sleep.  Better safe :)  enjoy. - shai