Art on the Seam trailer

Below is the official teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary titled "Art on the Seam".  The film was directed and produced by a good friend of mine David Freid who, in May of 2012, invited me to be part of this film as I painted a mural on the wall in Palestine.  The mural was from one of David's photographs of a Jordanian Bedouin and after much interest by the public to hear the story of David and I, I actually did my keynote at TEDx earlier in October about this project.

The film will be released soon (as well as the TEDx Goteborg keynote).  Check back here soon for details on the release of both.  This is an extremely important project and film as it helps raise awareness to the power of art in this region and raises a great discussion about this highly controversial canvas wall.
Art on the Seam from David Freid on Vimeo.