Anything Goes Art Show

I will have a new painting at a group art show titled "Anything Goes" in Manhattan on October 21st. The event detail is below:

Phanton Audio
48 W 25 st bet. 5th and 6th Ave. 10th Fl
Manhattan, NY

Friday, October 21 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Anything Goes will be a series of art shows. This exhibition is made up of talented and diverse artists. Their backgrounds range from fine art,graffiti,illustration,street art,mix-media,tattoo art,and sculpture.
Featured Artists:

Brian Kirhagis
Arianne Zager
Gigi Chen
Martina Russo
Frank Russo
Mike Die
Don RimX
Mike McManus
Antonio Kel 5
Shai Dahan
Wonder Lee
Robbie Busch
Rick Midler
Masahiro Ito
Ricardo Cabret
Byron Velasquez
Juan Carlos Pinto
Eric Eyes Richardson

Music provided by Dj Anamated