Feral Gods

I have three new gallery group shows in the United States in the next three months.
I have a show on October 21st titled "Anything Goes" at Phantom Audio Gallery in New York City.
a second group show on November 5th titled "Above The Radar II" at the Fridge in Washington DC.
And a third group show in December at Art Whino in Maryland.

For these three shows, I decided to take a side step from my usual Animal Guns or Dala Horses.
The work I created is a series of 3 paintings (seen below). They are part of a project I am calling "Feral Gods".
The three paintings represent a "GOD" so-to-speak for a class of animals. The paintings are titled"GOD OF APE". and "GOD OF SKY" and "GOD OF DOG".
The artwork for each is a skull (one of a ape, one of an bird and one of a dog) the skull are decorated with Tibetan patterns on them.
This express animals who humans have domesticated as pets or at zoos and my way of giving them a GOD like figure. Animals are not dependent on religion and prayer, but their suffering and captive nature that we humans hold them in, almost creates a need for them to have something to pray to or believe in. Something greater than the world they know.
The reason for the Tibetan patterns is because of the Tibetans views on animals as "treasures" almost. Many animals are considered as "rich" and are raised or held due to their significance in Tibetan history and not for mere pleasure. It is in a way, treating animals as God-like, or "sacred".
The below paintings will be on display at the three art shows (one painting in each show). If you are local to any of the above venues, feel free to go check them out.

GOD OF APE. 70X100cm ink on paper © Shai Dahan 2011

70X100cm ink on paper
© Shai Dahan 2011

70X100cm ink on paper
© Shai Dahan 2011