In the wrong hood

Since my move to Sweden, I have really been missing my family and friends back home in New York and Los Angeles. At a recent trip to an abandoned building to paste one of my BirdGuns, I decided to add Milky. Milky is a milk box character from an 90's music video for the British band Blur. Milk cartons are sometimes used (especially in the U.S.) to help seek missing persons (usually by having images of the missing person on the side of the milk carton). Anyway, I decided to add the milk carton from the music video to my work this time to signify how I miss my family and almost feel like they are the missing persons in my life now that I am in Sweden.

The milk carton is portrayed to have taken a wrong turn in the wrong neighborhood and suddenly walks upon my birdgun. It can almost be seen as searching for the people missing in the wrong places. Enjoy.
(thank you to Mikey for the photography).