The Dala Horse

Dala Horse by Shai Dahan

Since moving to Sweden, I wanted to try an incorporate some of their traditions/culture into my art (for both gallery and street-work). The Dala Horse is a traditional carved and painted wooden statuette of a horse originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna. Several different types of Dala horses are made, with distinguishing features common to the locality of the site where they are produced. One particular style has, however, become much more common and widespread than others. It is stoutly carved and painted bright red with details and a harness in white, green, yellow and blue. So, I decided to combine my love for animals along with the traditional Dala horse and create my own. This is a Dala horse I painted using acrylics and then pasted it on an old red barn found locally. I think I may have to do more Dala Horses soon. I kind of like it. :)

what the Dala horses look like