Norman Rockwell gets remixed

A little something new I made recently.   A little bit more explanation in the text below the photos.

"Word on the street"
70cm X 100cm
Acrylic on paper.
A re:mix of a Norman Rockwell painting (see below for details).

I have always admired the work of famous American painter Norman Rockwell. The beauty he captured in the normal American life was so on point and poetic. I chose an image I always adored titled Stock Market Quotations which was a painting Mr. Rockwell created back in the 1930s shortly after the stock market crash. Although the original painting consisted of the distinguished man and his dog along with a handful of other locals looking at the Stock Market on the local daily newspaper, I chose to re:make this image with my own passion mixed into it. With the graffiti tags replacing the stock market newspaper, and only leaving the man and his dog, I try to imagine that the interest that Graffiti/Street-Art is now starting to collect as a culture that has recently exploded and drawn the attention of everyone shows through in my own reinterpretation. This painting should not be fully credited to me obviously. While the new take on the old Rockwell image is created by me, I would like to think that the influence My. Rockwell has had on artists such as myself pushed me to think of how to capture our society and culture (in my case, urban art) and bring them into my work. Hope you dig it :)