Book news

I am excited to announce that a couple of books are in publication featuring my work.
The first is "We Own The Night". A book about the "Underbelly Project" which I took part in back in 2010. Read more about it HERE. The book features over 300 photographs of the participating artists work (including myself) as well as stories, info and other great bits. The release date for this book is February 7th, 2012 and can be available for pre-order HERE.

The second book came out back in August and is from a project called "MOM&POPism" which I took part of back in 2009. You can read about the project HERE and the book is already available for purchase HERE. Photos of both books below (including a terrible photo of me from 2009 during what I think was a terrible, terrible "Mustache Phase").

Enjoy :)