Fashion Days

I will have a small exhibit with a couple of new paintings as well as LIVE painting at the Borås Fashion Days Event Sept. 28th at 18:00 to 22:00. The Fashion Days event is a three day fashion show featuring runway show by Swedish designers and companys like Gina Tricot, FACE, Nelly and many others. During the fashion runway show, I will be exhibiting a small selection of artwork and during the actual event be live painting. Information can be found below if you would like to come check it out, visit for more info here: SITE
info for Wednesday:

18:00 to 00:00
Auto 7H Arena, Västerbrogatan 8, Borås

Welcome to the big opening of the Fashion Days and Auto 7H Arena. It is offered on the bubble, snacks and mingling with the numbers on stage,'s presentations, art exhibitions. The evening also offers fashion shows from Esmeralda, Ready, test chamber, Gina Tricot, Face and Register on / Wednesday