The Great Debate

When creating paintings for the street, it is rare for me to see the public reaction. Usually, the only feedback/reaction I can find would be online from photos either I posted or other sites posted and seeing comments left about the art. I try not to return to the places I put art up (with the exception of a photograph the next day).
Today, someone sent me the photo below. I recently pasted a Black Dala Horse in downtown Gothenburg. That same Dala Horse ended up in an article on Gothenburg Posten as well as various websites like Apparently people have started leaving notes next to it. I had my wife translate and it seems there is a debate about how tall the horse is. Someone eventually settled the argument by sticking a tape measure to the wall. I am not sure why this debate was happening but I love it. This is the beauty of public art. When the community interacts...or better yet, when the art creates a reaction among the community, I truly feel like the art is accomplishing something. It doesn't matter if the people wrote that they "like it" or "find it ugly" or simply wanted to argue how tall it is. The point is that it created a reaction and got people to talk about it. With Gothenburgs strict street-art and graffiti laws, this is an interesting thing to watch as the community can appreciate the public art in their neighborhood. I am sure there are those who dislike my Dala Horse, but as long as people can stop and take the time to debate the art, I guess I can take the time to continue doing what I am doing. :)