Gothenburg Posten

I was interviewed by Gothenburg Posten (a major newspaper in Sweden and most notably in Gothenburg). The interview not only involved questions about my recent solo show at Artspace+Us Gallery, but also about Gothenburgs "Zero Tolerance" rule for graffiti and street-art and how difficult it makes it to even get permission as an artist to put art on buildings for the sake of public-art. I mentioned how wonderful it would be to get a street-art festival in Gothenburg to share public art and educate the city (and those in charge) about the importance of public art in the community. There is another shorter article on their website too which you can see HERE . Both the paper article and the online one are in Swedish (so I apologize if you can't read it).
Here is a high res version of the paper article if you wish to read it (Just click on the image below to expand it):