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About me:
Blah blah blah. Below is an "official" bio. Although to sum it up in one line: I like to paint.

Although thriving his work aesthetics while he was living in New York,
Shai Dahan has based himself in Boras, Sweden, where he has continued to
develop new methods to combining his signature style of fine art mixed with
urban culture. Most notably, since arriving in Sweden he began to relay statements
of the new culture that surrounds him by painting realistic Dala Horses in vibrant colors
and then wheatpaste them on the streets of Sweden.

Having started as a graffiti writer at age 14 while he was living in Los Angeles, California,
Shai has always challenged himself to find new ways of creating public art. He has evolved
himself through small stencils, spraypaint, wheatpastes as well as large mural works in
abandoned buildings. Today, Shai continues to find new ways to appear his work on buildings
facades in hopes to compliment the vacant walls of small and large Sweden city walls.

Shai's work is captivating, thought provoking and yet emotionally positive
as it helps shed art onto public areas for local passer-bys who otherwise
have become immune to the blank grey walls of their town.

Currently, he lives in Borås, Sweden with his wife and two dogs where he
continues to paint and exhibit internationally.