Boras Mural Project

In the summer of 2012,  I was asked to contribute a mural for the city of Borås as part of their SkulpturBiennal Festival.  The mural I painted was placed in the town center and was painted over the weekend of June 2-3.  I chose the Dala Horses because the Dala horses are such a stamp in the culture of Sweden and is instantly recognizable by any generation.  Young and old have a familiarity with the Red Horse and dala patterns.  What I chose to do was give a modern twist by painting them in a realistic manner. Furthermore, I chose to create an urban/graffiti environment in the background to tie in my culture along with the city in Sweden.  Although the true history of the Dala Horse comes from the city of Dalarna, my hopes is that my realistic street-art dala horses will be different and be recognized to originate from the city of Borås.  My hope is that not only my horses will be recognized for being from this city BUT I also hope that with all generations having some sort of connection with these classical figures, they will see my graffiti/street-art mixed with it and help the city accept it for the true art form that it is.